LUNARIS™ protein multiplexing:
Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit

Analyze: IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12p70, IL-13, IL-17, IFNƔ, TNFα, GM-CSF biomarkers
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Gain insights into Ocular Disorders
Analyze: IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, TNFα, VEGF in tears, vitreous & aqueous humor
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Press Release

AYOXXA & Märzhäuser intoduce ...
AYOXXA Reader AR01 is ready for market


CELL Volume 165 (7): 1672-1685
A long noncoding RNA lincRNA-EPS acts as a ... Read more


AYOXXA Biosystems, an international biotech company based in Cologne (Germany), Boston (USA) and Singapore, has developed LUNARIS™, an innovative technology that enables multiplex protein analysis of precious, small-volume specimens. This powerful system uses antibody-coated microbeads securely captured on the surface of proprietary BioChips and requires only 3 µL of input sample. LUNARIS™ offers a reliable, precise and accurate immunoassay for multiple biomarkers for both basic and clinical research. Focus areas for this technology include, but are not limited to ophthalmology, mouse-to-man studies and immunooncology.

AYOXXA stands for leveraging success in proteomics.

Core Technology

AYOXXA offers LUNARIS™, an innovative technology platform that enables multiplex protein analysis of precious, small-volume specimens.

The unique LUNARIS™ BaseFrame can serve MTP 96- & 384-formats by rotating the frame 180 degrees. You can insert multiple BioChip elements to accomodate your experimental needs. With flexible throughput options, LUNARIS™ offers a reliable and accurate detection method for multiple biomarkers in both basic and clinical research.

AYOXXA will innovate proteomics, as LUNARIS™ offers outstanding customer benefits:

  • effective use of precious biological specimen to gain more data

  • one technology platform for translational discoveries

  • minimizing investment into instruments and staff training

to obtain accurate and precise information about biomarkers of interest.